The Artist Rene DeBrues

Rene DeBrues






 It is not the blurring momentum with which DeBrues confronts the viewer. That in today´s contemporary art would be too simple and far too easily regarded as banal. Contrarily, the artist creates in his multiple construct of picture languages a „stop and go“ for the eye and a steady flow of intellectual processing of what is been visualized. There is no universal reading in any of his single works but a multitude of possible stories, no matter how many viewers - there always arises a kaleidoscope of numerous pictures for every individual. The artist creates a parallelism of nature and construct. For once he chooses the very point of time at which he takes his source material, which is the time of passage between the beginning and ending of daylight, the natural break from night to day, from day to night. At the same time he creates in his finished works a kind of a „flowing break“ from conditioned seeing to the challenge of intellectual processing. DeBrues,  opens up new horizons of sighting and seeing. (Andreas Albrecht ©)